Around Sorrento


The town of Sorrento is surrounded from mithology. Surrentum in fact , was also known as “The Land of Syrens”. These Mithological being, half woman and hal fish, with their singing  pushed the sailors on the rocks.  Since the beginning Sorrento has been land of Aristocracy. In the origin was a greek colony, then in the coming centiries was part of roman and arabic territory. These 2 Domanis, the Romans and the Arabs, left a deep touch in the local Architecture, while all the masterpieces placed in the local Churches comes from the XVII and XVIII century.

Sorrento attracts not only for his extraordinary views, but also for its local culture. Food, Inland Wood Works, and Tarantella, are some of the example of what the local culture has to offers to all the visitors.



Pompeii arcaeological ruins, is one of the beauties of the world. The eruption of the Vesuvious in 79 B.C., covered the town under 6 /7 meters of ashes. The excavation started in 1700 allowed the archaeologist to enlight Roman town perfectly preserved. To reach the Town of Pompei is very easy, you just need to reach the local Train station, and take the train towards Naples and stop at Pompei Villa dei Misteri (ruins are placed right in front of the station).



A trip to Capri cannot be avoided when you have an Holiday in Sorrento.
A simple walk at the “Piazzetta” will let visitors taste the real scent of the island. Stunning views, lovely little paths and streets, the Blu Grotto,  are just some of the many things that can be done or visit in Capri. The island is easily reachable by getting to Sorrento Port where daily trips are run by several companies.

The Amalfi Coast

Positano, Amalfi, Ravello: some of the many little villages placed on the stunning  Amalfi Coast. Lots of fascinating villages overlooking one of the most vited and admired Coast in the entire world.
The Amalfi Coast is easy to reach by bus run by “Sita” . Daily trips leaves from Sorrento train Station, tickets can be bought there.